Hillslope landslides in Turkey earthquake

Hillslope failure after earthquakes

  • Chuanjie Xi
  • Hakan Tanyas
  • Randall W. Jibson


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  • In 2021, one in five people in Africa was affected by hunger, and the continent had the highest prevalence of undernourished people globally. We argue that food systems in Africa can be more resilient if their development includes climate adaptation.

    • Obed M. Ogega
    • Lise Korsten
    • Jessica Thorn
    CommentOpen Access
  • Large language models can summarize, aggregate, and convey localized climate-related data to people in a cost-effective and expeditious manner. This Comment introduces a simple, proof-of-concept prototype and argues that the approach holds the potential to truly democratize climate information.

    • Nikolay Koldunov
    • Thomas Jung
    CommentOpen Access
  • Emissions intensity is a more appropriate metric for assessing individual firms’ carbon efficiency than correlations between unscaled carbon emissions and stock market performance, and the latter should be interpreted with caution.

    • Pallav Purohit
    Research HighlightOpen Access
  • Blue carbon will not solve climate change. The effect is too small; existing sediment carbon stock is a liability; and there is a timescale mismatch between ancient fossil fuel emissions and uptake by vegetation. Clearer communication would support informed decision-making.

    • Sophia C. Johannessen
    • James R. Christian
    CommentOpen Access
Fire fighting helicopter carring water bucket to extinguish the forest fire

Fire impacts and management

In this Collection, we invite articles that document the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of fire, assess advances in fire prevention and protection, and propose new pathways for fire management.
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