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  • * Submarine Volcanism
  • * Accounting for methane
  • * Ocean science in the South Atlantic
  • * Influences on Antarctic ice


  • A mechanistic and predictive hierarchical model explains observed organic carbon burial efficiencies and degradation kinetics, and reveals that upper and lower limits of organic matter activation energies are key to predicting organic matter preservation and degradation rates.

    • Jack J. Middelburg
    Comment Open Access
  • The South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation initiative began as a grassroots effort to study the South Atlantic Ocean and its impact on climate. This Comment discusses how, in striving towards this goal, it has also become a platform for the empowerment of women and international scientists.

    • Renellys Perez
    • Silvia Garzoli
    • Isabelle Ansorge
    Comment Open Access
  • For all peer reviewed articles submitted from 23rd January 2023, we will publish the editor decision letters, reviewer reports and author responses, together with the published paper. Reviewers can choose to remain anonymous or reveal their identity.

    Editorial Open Access
  • To prevent floods from becoming disasters, social vulnerability must be integrated into flood risk management. This Comment advocates that the welfare of different societal groups should be included by adding recovery capacity, impacts of beyond-design events, and distributional impacts.

    • Karin M. de Bruijn
    • Bramka A. Jafino
    • Tina Comes
    Comment Open Access
  • Methane is a potent greenhouse gas emitted by both human activity and the natural environment. Due to its relatively short atmospheric lifetime, controlling methane emissions is increasingly recognised as a powerful climate mitigation strategy.

    • Joshua F. Dean
    Comment Open Access
Picture dated March 18, 2009 showing an undersea volcano eruption about 10 to 12 kilometres (six to seven miles) off the Tongatapu coast of Tonga sending plumes of steam and smoke hundreds of metres into the air.

Submarine Volcanism

The articles in this Collection investigate the causes and processes of submarine volcanic eruptions as well as their impacts on the atmosphere and the wider Earth system.
Open for submissions