Hot spring in Peru

Hot springs and tectonics

  • Heather E. Upin
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  • During the February 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquakes, people looked for explanations. As scientists, we did our best to share our knowledge in a way that reached and connected with people beyond the scientific community.

    • Derya Gürer
    • Judith Hubbard
    • Wendy Bohon
    CommentOpen Access
  • A comprehensive aircraft survey of onshore oil and gas infrastructure in British Columbia finds that methane emissions may be 1.7 times higher than the official inventory and introduces a framework for compiling measurement-led regional greenhouse gas emissions data.

    • Grant Allen
    CommentOpen Access
  • The human tragedy caused by the earthquake doublet on 6 February 2023 in Turkey and Syria is difficult to comprehend. While earthquake scientists are trying to understand this seismic event, its catastrophic impact highlights heightened risk in the entire region.

    • Luca Dal Zilio
    • Jean-Paul Ampuero
    CommentOpen Access
  • Careful management of deforested Amazonian land cannot replace, but must complement, efforts to preserve the rainforest. Sustainable agricultural practices that promote diverse uses can help minimise impacts on climate and environment.

    • Eduardo Eiji Maeda
    • Luiz E. O. C. Aragão
    • Júlio César dos Reis
    CommentOpen Access
Satellite image of Earthquake Damage in Kahramnmaras

The 2023 Kahramanmaraş Earthquake Sequence

In this Collection we bring together and invite research and opinion ranging from the seismological characteristics of the earthquakes to lessons and strategies for resilience and the human response.
Open for submissions