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  • Xiaofei Ma and colleagues provide a review of high-strain composite materials and their use in deployable space structures. The review contributes a broad overview of the field and discusses important design considerations for high-strain composite structures including manufacturing, viscoelasticity, and material selection.

    • Xiaofei Ma
    • Ning An
    • Qilong Jia
    Review ArticleOpen Access
  • In this Perspective, Manohar and colleagues introduce super phantoms as digital or physical models capable of mimicking complex tissue characteristics for imaging methods. They discuss phantoms as crucial for testing of new imaging technologies, and address critical issues surrounding their development and implementation.

    • Srirang Manohar
    • Ioannis Sechopoulos
    • Rajiv (Raj) Gupta
    PerspectiveOpen Access
  • The Editorial Board and Editorial Team are delighted to present a selection of short Research Highlights describing some of our favourite Communications Engineering publications of 2023.

    • Miranda Vinay
    • Liwen Sang
    • Chaoran Huang
    ViewpointOpen Access
  • Elastocaloric cooling devices utilize the latent heat that shape memory alloys generate when subjected to stress to generate large temperature variations. Wang and colleagues discuss key challenges of the practical application of elastocaloric cooling systems including materials fabrication, force actuation and heat transfer enhancement.

    • Yao Wang
    • Ye Liu
    • Suxin Qian
    PerspectiveOpen Access
  • Ahmed Othman and colleagues review flow control strategies used by birds, insects and aquatic animals, and how they have been adopted in engineered devices. The focus on passive and local flow control is of particular relevance to the design of small uncrewed aerial and aquatic vehicles.

    • Ahmed K. Othman
    • Diaa A. Zekry
    • Aimy A. Wissa
    Review ArticleOpen Access
  • The climate crisis, the Covid pandemic and rapid urban growth amongst other factors are leaving populations increasingly vulnerable to breakdown in key infrastructure systems. This includes the built structures that form our living and working environment, the transport and communications networks that serve us and the utilities that enable us to live comfortably.

    • Carmine Galasso
    • Janise McNair
    • Zhijie (Sasha) Dong
    ViewpointOpen Access
  • On International Women in Engineering Day, members of our editorial board highlight individuals who have inspired them during their research careers.

    • Alessandro Rizzo
    • Damien Querlioz
    • Liangfei Tian
    ViewpointOpen Access
  • Space bioprocess engineering integrates synthetic biology and bioprocess engineering with the specific goal to support human life in long term space missions. In this Perspective, Berliner and colleagues describe a pathway towards the development and implementation of space bioprocessing technologies of the future.

    • Aaron J. Berliner
    • Isaac Lipsky
    • Adam P. Arkin
    PerspectiveOpen Access