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  • A recent publication in Environmental Sciences Advances reports flame-retardant, colored and soil-biodegradable nanocellulose bioleather with tensile strength and ductility competitive with traditional leather. Further, the researchers report that these microbial biotextiles have a thousandfold reduction in human toxicity levels compared to cow leather with a carbon footprint lower than cow leather, synthetic leather and cotton.

    • Miranda Vinay
    Research Highlight Open Access
  • A chemical strategy to separate troublesome americium from lanthanides could help reduce the radiological hazards of spent nuclear fuel and create opportunities for waste re-processing.

    • Mengying Su
    Research Highlight Open Access
  • Findings from a recent publication in Energy and Buildings show that “net-zero energy” renovations can lead to net-positive energy buildings. But the results also raise concerns for the energy grid and overheating in the summer. The analysis of energy consumption of residential buildings give insight into future performance of a Dutch neighborhood’s deep energy-saving refurbishments.

    • Miranda L. Vinay
    Research Highlight Open Access
  • Today we proudly launch Communications Engineering, a selective multidisciplinary journal which brings together the entire engineering community.

    Editorial Open Access