Calls for papers

Highlight your research and enhance its visibility to your community by submitting to one of our Collections. All our Collections are managed by our internal editorial team, and often supported by one or more of our Editorial Board Members and/or external guest editors. For enquiries, please contact

  • Wearable Devices for Assisted Mobility

    This collection of articles from Communications Engineering, Nature Communications and Scientific Reports reflects the variety of different research directions towards wearable devices for monitoring, rehabilitating, restoring and even augmenting physiological movement.
    • Catherine (Cathy) Holloway, PhD
    • Jonathon S. Schofield, PhD
    • Cecilia de Carvalho Castro Silva, PhD
    Submission status: Open Deadline: 30 November 2024
  • Neuromorphic Hardware and Computing 2024

    An interdisciplinary approach is being taken to address the challenge of creating more efficient and intelligent computing systems that can perform diverse tasks, to design hardware with increasing complexity from single device to system architecture level, and to develop new theories and brain-inspired algorithms for future computing. In this cross-journal collection, we aim to bring together cutting-edge research of neuromorphic architecture and hardware, computing algorithms and theories, and the related innovative applications.
      Submission status: Open Deadline: 06 November 2024
    • Microscopic Imaging in Deep Tissue

      This Collection will highlight Articles that involve new tools and emerging techniques for imaging at increased penetration depths within tissue as well as considering advances in conventional and state-of-the-art light microscopy techniques.
        Submission status: Open Deadline: 09 October 2024
      • Advanced mmWave and Terahertz communication technologies

        Technologies, devices and algorithms for THz and mmWave communications and sensing.
        • Akshay Mahadev Arabhavi, PhD
        • Yasaman Ghasempour, PhD
        • David González Ovejero, PhD
        Submission status: Open Deadline: 28 September 2024
      • Carbon dioxide removal, capture and storage

        In this cross-journal Collection, we bring together studies that address novel and existing carbon dioxide removal and carbon capture and storage methods and their potential for up-scaling, including critical questions of timing, location, and cost. We also welcome articles on methodologies that measure and verify the climate and environmental impact and explore public perceptions.
          Submission status: Open Deadline: 22 March 2025
        • Advances in catalytic hydrogen evolution

          This collection encourages submissions related to hydrogen evolution catalysis, particularly where hydrogen gas is the primary product. This is a cross-journal partnership between the Energy Materials team at Nature Communications with Communications Chemistry, Communications Engineering, Communications Materials, and Scientific Reports. We seek studies covering a range of perspectives including materials design & development, catalytic performance, or underlying mechanistic understanding. Other works focused on potential applications and large-scale demonstration of hydrogen evolution are also welcome.
            Submission status: Open Deadline: 18 September 2024
          • Microphysiological Systems

            The editors at Nature Communications, Communications Biology, Communications Engineering and Scientific Reports invite submissions on Microphysiological Systems, specifically Engineering Advances, Modeling Biological Phenomena and Modelling Disease & Drug Testing.
              Submission status: Open Deadline: 22 August 2024
            • Autonomous driving and traffic systems

              As autonomous vehicles reshape transportation, tackling issues ranging from sensor improvements to societal impacts is crucial. This collection delves into both technical advancements in the field and respective societal implications, exploring topics like perception systems, human-machine interaction, and coexistence of autonomous vehicles with human drivers.
                Submission status: Open Deadline: 09 August 2024