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  • montage of mechanical metamaterials micrograph and drawing

    Editors from journals across the Nature Portfolio are delighted to present this collection of research and reviews published over the past two years on the science and technology of mechanical metamaterials.


  • Kasidit Toprasertpong and colleagues describe reservoir computing hardware with potential for on-chip integration with existing computing technologies. The approach is based on a ferroelectric field-effect transistor, and can solve computational tasks on time series data including nonlinear time series prediction after training with simple regression.

    • Kasidit Toprasertpong
    • Eishin Nako
    • Shinichi Takagi
    Article Open Access
  • Yu and colleagues report a modified and flexible Evans-Perkins heat pump cycle integrating heat recovery and storage and demonstrate its application in a prototype heat pump. The recovered heat can be used as an ancillary heat source for the heat pump’s operation and to defrost the heat pump evaporator as necessary.

    • Zhibin Yu
    • Andrew McKeown
    • Miryam Essadik
    Article Open Access
  • Shaoyan Zhang and colleagues describe a combined all-optical ultrasound imaging and laser ablation tool. The device, less than 1mm in diameter, enables ablation and simultaneous real-time ablation monitoring of tissue at the mm scale. The device could be used for minimally invasive surgical applications.

    • Shaoyan Zhang
    • Edward Z. Zhang
    • Richard J. Colchester
    Article Open Access
  • Debuisschert and colleagues describe a radio frequency signal analyzer platform utilizing the quantum properties of the nitrogen-vacancy center in single crystal diamond. This platform enables millisecond detection of complex microwave signals over a broad tunable frequency range up to 25 GHz.

    • Simone Magaletti
    • Ludovic Mayer
    • Thierry Debuisschert
    Article Open Access
  • Nidhi Sinha, Haowen Yang and colleagues report a microfluidic large-scale integration chip to probe temporal single-cell signalling networks via the delivery of patterns of input signalling molecules. The researchers use their device to investigate drug-induced cancer cell apoptosis and single cell transcription (STAT-1) protein signalling dynamics.

    • Nidhi Sinha
    • Haowen Yang
    • Jurjen Tel
    Article Open Access
  • Xumin Gao and colleagues report a robust and waterproof monolithic GaN optoelectronic chip that integrates an energy harvester, light emitting diode and Bragg reflector. The units transform external light into electrical energy and directly activate the integrated LEDs even when attached to freely swimming Carassius auratus fish.

    • Xumin Gao
    • Pengzhan Liu
    • Yongjin Wang
    Article Open Access
    • On International Women in Engineering Day, members of our editorial board highlight individuals who have inspired them during their research careers.

      • Alessandro Rizzo
      • Damien Querlioz
      • Liangfei Tian
      Viewpoint Open Access
    • Space bioprocess engineering integrates synthetic biology and bioprocess engineering with the specific goal to support human life in long term space missions. In this Perspective, Berliner and colleagues describe a pathway towards the development and implementation of space bioprocessing technologies of the future.

      • Aaron J. Berliner
      • Isaac Lipsky
      • Adam P. Arkin
      Perspective Open Access
  • A recent publication in Environmental Sciences Advances reports flame-retardant, colored and soil-biodegradable nanocellulose bioleather with tensile strength and ductility competitive with traditional leather. Further, the researchers report that these microbial biotextiles have a thousandfold reduction in human toxicity levels compared to cow leather with a carbon footprint lower than cow leather, synthetic leather and cotton.

    • Miranda Vinay
    Research Highlight Open Access
  • A chemical strategy to separate troublesome americium from lanthanides could help reduce the radiological hazards of spent nuclear fuel and create opportunities for waste re-processing.

    • Mengying Su
    Research Highlight Open Access
  • Findings from a recent publication in Energy and Buildings show that “net-zero energy” renovations can lead to net-positive energy buildings. But the results also raise concerns for the energy grid and overheating in the summer. The analysis of energy consumption of residential buildings give insight into future performance of a Dutch neighborhood’s deep energy-saving refurbishments.

    • Miranda L. Vinay
    Research Highlight Open Access
  • Today we proudly launch Communications Engineering, a selective multidisciplinary journal which brings together the entire engineering community.

    Editorial Open Access
scanning electron micrograph image collage with an artistic rendering overlay

Mechanical Metamaterials

Editors from journals across the Nature Portfolio are delighted to present this collection of research and reviews published over the past two years on the science and technology of mechanical metamaterials