Outstanding referees

Here we acknowledge some of the outstanding referees that have reviewed for Communications Chemistry. This list is arranged alphabetically, updated monthly, and all referees listed have consented to being named. 

We must note that while it is our opinion that these referees have gone above and beyond what is expected of a reviewer in terms of the value of their reports, the detail of their analysis, or the degree to which they have helped the authors improve their manuscripts prior to publication, we are no less grateful to the hundreds of referees not named below. For every named referee there are many more who have made similar contributions to the manuscripts which they reviewed. In short, we are incredibly grateful to everyone that has taken the effort to review for us and has each contributed to the high quality of our output.

Professor Dave Adams

Professor Adams designs and studies self-assembled and supramolecular systems to form interesting structure materials.

Professor Xavier Barril

Professor Barril specialises in computational drug discovery, using in silico methods to characterise binding sites, and develops computational methods for medicinal chemistry.

Dr Fiona Brock

Dr Brock specialises in applying analytical techniques, including radiocarbon dating and micro-CT, to investigate archaeological, forensic, and environmental samples.

Dr Caitlyn Butler

Dr. Caitlyn Butler conducts research on biofilms with applications in water and wastewater treatment. Her work seeks to understand microbial ecology and micro-scale function and structure to enhance treatment outcomes and resource recovery.

Dr Walter Drisdell

Dr Drisdell studies chemical mechanisms occuring at buried interfaces relevant for energy research, primarily using in situ and in operando synchrotron X-ray techniques.

Professor Aphrodite Kapurniotu

Professor Kapurniotu studies protein misfolding and interactions with polypeptides, with the goal of developing functional peptides for analytical and therapeutic applications in amyloid diseases.

Dr Theo Kurtén

Dr Kurtén uses computational methods to characterise reaction kinetics and mechanisms in atmospheric aerosols.

Professor Lauren Marbella

Professor Marbella specialises in using solid-state NMR and MRI to identify structure-performance relationships in materials for energy storage and conversion.

Dr Anna McConnell

Dr McConnell specialises in supramolecular chemistry with a focus on the development of light-responsive and spin-crossover metal-organic cages

Dr Tina Nenoff

Dr Nenoff develops nanoporous frameworks for the detection, separation and capture of environmentally important gases and ions.

Dr Simon Pang

Dr Pang has a background in chemical engineering and focuses on the use of aminopolymer sorbents for carbon dioxide capture.

Dr Sudha Rajamani

Dr Rajamani studies the chemical origins of life—the possible sequence of events and reactions on early Earth that led to the emergence of life.

Dr Datong Song

Dr Song develops base metal complexes for small molecule activation and catalytic transformations, and designs MOFs for sensing and separation.

Professor Ulrich Steiner

Professor Steiner specialises in the photochemistry and spin chemistry of a range of organic, organometallic, and biomolecular systems.

Professor Palli Thordarson

Professor Thordarson specialises in supramolecular and systems chemistry, with a focus on functional, bio-inspired nanostructures.

Dr Francesca Toma

Dr Toma's interests lie in the synthesis and characterization of integrated material systems, to understand structure–activity relationships that enable the development of functional architectures for solar fuel production.

Dr William Uspal

Dr Uspal uses analytical and numerical methods to study emergent complex behavior in soft and active material systems.

Professor Evelyn Wang

Professor Wang develops nanostructured, energy efficient functional systems, with socially critical applications in solar energy, water harvesting and desalination, and thermal storage and management.

Dr George Whitehead

Dr Whitehead specialises in small molecule crystallography, using local source and synchrotron X-ray techniques for structure determination.

Dr Donghui Zhang

Dr Zhang develops functional and bioinspired polymers, with a range of potential applications from surfactants to drug delivery systems.

We will be highlighting our referees monthly via our website, social media channels, and this list. If you want to nominate any of the referees that contributed to the peer review of your Communications Chemistry article please contact the journal.