Multi-coloured pancreatic islet section

The complex interplay between beta-cell loss, inflammation, and stress in pancreatic islet regeneration

  • Andreas Frøslev Mathisen
  • Ulrik Larsen
  • Simona Chera


  • A colour-highlighted liver in a translucid model of a human body

    We are now accepting papers for our new Collection on viral hepatitis, together with Communications Medicine, Nature Communications and Scientific Reports.

    Open for submissions
  • The story of examining whether left ventricular trabeculations as part of human heart evolution are common among the other great apes.

  • Aurelie de Borman describes her team's efforts to model detection of speech, imagined speech or listening, based on brain signals.

  • Koshlan Mayer-Blackwell's headshot

    Dr. Mayer-Blackwell is a Staff Scientist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, working in the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division. His research focuses on understanding the diversity and durability of T cell responses to vaccination. He is particularly interested in machine learning tools for reducing the dimensionality of amplicon-based T cell receptor sequencing data.


Robot using digital x-ray of human intestine holographic scan projection 3D rendering

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Cancer

In this cross-journal collection between Nature Communications, npj Digital Medicine, npj Precision Oncology, Communications Medicine, Communications Biology, and Scientific Reports, we invite submissions with a focus on artificial intelligence in cancer.
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