Wound healing mechanisms in Geckos

  • Qinghua Wang
  • Zuming Mao
  • Yan Liu


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    Communications Biology has a 2-year impact factor: 6.548 (2021), article downloads of 4,666,583 (2021) and 11 days from submission to the first editorial decision.

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    Would you like the opportunity to help shape our journal and the papers that are informing your research community? We are happy to hear from any PIs or very senior postdocs from all fields of biology and demographics. In the last quarter of this year, we are especially interested to hear from you if you have expertise in machine learning, virology and autophagy! Fill in the form to discuss more!

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    Here Amy Stainthorp diiscusses their paper in which the Grb2 isoform, Grb3-3, is found to negatively regulate Ras activation in tumours.

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    Our reviewer of the month is Dr Aiko Sada, at the International Research Center for Medical Sciences, Kumamoto University Japan. Her laboratory studies skin stem cells and aging.


Diagram comparing brains of different species

Brain evolution

This Collection welcomes any novel lines of enquiry that progress our understanding of brain evolution, in humans and beyond.
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