immunofluorescence image of cancer cell

Invadopodia enable metastasis of breast cancer cells

  • Louisiane Perrin
  • Elizaveta Belova
  • Bojana Gligorijevic


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    We are inviting papers on the topic of live microscopy! No less than four of our editorial board members- Marco Fritzsche, Natalie Elia, Chao Zhou & Periklis Pantazis- have joined up to call for papers in this exciting area.

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    In this 'Behind the Paper' post, Debjani Pal discusses their latest work, which reveals that specific residues at the core domain of HGF PAN domain play a key role in modulating HGF/c-MET signaling in cancers.

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    Arsalan Emami-Khoyi is our July reviewer of the month! He is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Wildlife Genomics at the University of Johannesburg.

  • cancer cell with invadopodia

    In this 'Behind the Paper' post, Elizaveta Belova describes their new study about the role of Invadopodia in breast cancer cell cooperative invasion and metastasis.



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