drawing of structures on cell with sperm swimming to egg in background

Structure of sperm surface protein SPACA6 required for sperm-egg fusion

  • Tyler D. R. Vance
  • Patrick Yip
  • Jeffrey E. Lee


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    Communications Biology has a 2-year impact factor: 6.548 (2021), article downloads of 4,666,583 (2021) and 11 days from submission to the first editorial decision.

  • Magnifying glass in front of DNA

    In this 'Behind the Paper' post, Jeonghyun Lee explains the inspiration behind See-N-Seq, a method to target specific cells by microscopy and isolate their RNA for sequencing.

  • head of camel

    Here, Panjiao Lin describes their study of the transcriptomic plasticity of SON – the hypothalamic osmoregulatory control centre of the dromedary camel. Image credit: Pixabay

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    Our reviewer of the month is Dr Aiko Sada, at the International Research Center for Medical Sciences, Kumamoto University Japan. Her laboratory studies skin stem cells and aging.


Diagram comparing brains of different species

Brain evolution

This Collection welcomes any novel lines of enquiry that progress our understanding of brain evolution, in humans and beyond.
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