Shared community effects and the non-genetic maternal environment shape cortisol levels in wild chimpanzees

  • Patrick J. Tkaczynski
  • Fabrizio Mafessoni
  • Catherine Crockford


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    Communications Biology has a 2-year impact factor: 6.548 (2021), article downloads of 4,666,583 (2021) and 11 days from submission to the first editorial decision.

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    In this Behind the Paper post, Balbino Alarcón from CBMSO Madrid discusses how "T cells and big bites are all B cells need."

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    Here, Faviel A. Lopez Romero discusses how their analyses of shark mandibles helped the understanding of factors influencing the evolution of jaw shape.

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    Lewis Craword talks about their study on how stimulus-independent and stimulus-dependent neural networks underpin placebo responsiveness in humans.


  • Dr. Chris Wallace is a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, Director of Research, and Principal Investigator in the Department of Medicine and a Programme Leader in the MRC Biostatistics Unit (BSU) at the University of Cambridge. Dr. Guillermo Reales is a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Wallace’s group, where he recently co-authored a Comment evaluating the impact of sharing summary statistics on average citation rates of genome-wide association studies (GWASs). In this Q&A, we discussed the inspiration for their recent analysis on GWAS summary statistics, the importance of open data, and potential barriers or paths to data sharing in genomics.

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  • Although liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) has been extensively studied in various cellular and organismal contexts, the link between functional influence of a genetic mutation and LLPS with respect to human diseases is poorly understood. A recent article by Mensah et al. looks at a rare genetic disease to identify a frameshift mutation, which triggered aberrant phase separation and nucleolar dysregulation, linking genetic variants to a dysregulation of biomolecular condensates.

    • Sumangal Roychowdhury
    • Krishnananda Chattopadhyay
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  • March 31st marks Transgender Day of Visibility, an opportunity to celebrate and elevate the achievements of the transgender community. As part of our annual celebration of Transgender Day of Visibility, we reached out to Leland Graber and Dr. Ezra Kottler, two early-career transgender biologists who shared their own experiences and perspectives on improving support systems for the transgender research community.

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  • Although we have come a long way in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health conditions, we still have a long way to go. Here we speak to Dr Anna Schueth - a postdoc and passionate advocate whose blogs and other efforts are leading the way in changing academia towards a direction that will allow everyone to thrive as their authentic selves and to get the support they need.

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  • Behavioral results suggest that learning by trial-and-error (i.e., reinforcement learning) relies on a teaching signal, the prediction error, which quantifies the difference between the obtained and the expected reward. Evidence suggests that distinct cortico-striatal circuits are recruited to encode better-than-expected (positive prediction error) and worst-than-expected (negative prediction error) outcomes. A recent study by Villano et al.1 provides evidence for differential networks that underlie learning from positive and negative prediction errors in humans using real-life behavioral data. More specifically, they found that university students are more likely to update beliefs concerning grade expectations following positive rather than negative prediction errors.

    • Henri Vandendriessche
    • Stefano Palminteri
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