Continuity and change in Russian politics

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The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has underscored the need for thoroughgoing analyses of domestic political dynamics within Russia. Political, social, and economic upheaval has reshaped Russia over the last century and appears to be returning with the far-reaching repercussions of the war. At the same time, as the continuation and intensification of autocratic rule under wartime conditions suggest, there are powerful continuities that need to be accounted for.

This article Collection explores processes of continuity and change in Russian politics in the past and present, and how different social science disciplines as well as interdisciplinary approaches can contribute toward understanding the role of different forces and institutions in the contemporary development of Russia.

Contributions are invited from a range of disciplines and perspectives, including, but not restricted to: political studies, international relations, history, and sociology.

Articles exploring the following key themes and others of relevance will be considered:

  • Policy continuity and change in Russia
  • Perspectives on change in Russian politics and society
  • Conceptualising change in Russia
  • Sources of change in Russian politics
  • Continuity and change in Russian foreign relations
  • Legacies of the past in Russian politics
  • Social and economic adaptation to change in Russia
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