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Nanomedicine in Japan

Japan is breaking ground in areas the rest of the world will soon be addressing: old age, cancer, neuroscience. The tiny weapon of choice to defeat these diverse threats is nanomedicine. Japan has pumped millions into pursuing the dream of invisible devices, working from within to detect, diagnose and treat. It’s a strategy on the cusp of reaping significant rewards. Multidisciplinary teams are designing micelles coated in compounds to ensure their safe passage to the right areas of the body to deliver drugs where and when they are needed. The results are nothing short of remarkable.

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Nanoscale doctors curing the body from within sounds like science fiction, but for Japanese research centre COINS, it’s a serious goal.

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Japan’s Braizon Therapeutics Inc has found a cunning way to get pharmaceuticals past the blood-brain barrier by using nanotechnology to piggyback aboard glucose transporters.

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