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Nature Index Science Inc. 2017

Large corporations are retreating from high-stakes investments in basic research. They are instead outsourcing the production of knowledge needed to drive innovation to academic and government institutions. Nature Index Science Inc. 2017 investigates the changing role of corporate institutions in the world of science and the costs and benefits to high-quality research of these evolving arrangements. 

Features and comment

  • Nature | Nature Index

    Companies have stepped back from in-house science and are relying heavily on external institutions for knowledge.

    • Smriti Mallapaty
  • Nature | Nature Index

    A graphic overview of corporateā€“academic relationships, and how the balance of output has changed.

  • Nature | Nature Index

    The withdrawal of large US corporations from research is narrowing the scope of innovation.

    • Ashish Arora
    • , Sharon Belenzon
    •  &  Andrea Patacconi
  • Nature | Nature Index

    Life science companies are missing out on the benefits of open innovation.

    • Phillip Phan
    •  &  Dean Wong