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Nature Index Science Cities 2018

Cities are the ideal setting for scientific exploration. They attract bright and diverse minds, are abuzz with creative activity, and can summon the capital to realize big ideas. Nature Index 2018 Science Cities profiles five science cities that are leaders in their regions. But each is contending with problems of equity and engagement that need to be addressed to keep them strong.

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  • Nature | Nature Index

    Africa’s science star is confronting its colonial past to set a more inclusive research scene, benefitting more of its citizens.

    • Linda Nordling
  • Nature | Nature Index

    Scientific innovation has long powered the San Francisco Bay Area’s economy, but community and political challenges could undermine progress.

    • Katherine Bourzac
  • Nature | Nature Index

    The top collaborating cities in the Nature Index are located in the same country.

  • Nature | Nature Index

    A rich research network has secured Munich’s position as a centre of science in Europe.

    • Hristio Boytchev
  • Nature | Nature Index

    A hive of innovation, Wuhan has stormed up the Nature Index, but competition for talent is heating up.

    • Hepeng Jia

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