Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry

The early days of drug discovery and development were lonely: scientists in the 19th century made discoveries often driven by serendipity. Although fortuitous findings continue to happen, we currently rely on the synergistic collaboration across the organic and medicinal chemistry areas for accelerating the rational identification and design of lead compounds.

This collection showcases some of the most recent advances in the multidisciplinary field of discovery and development of bioactive compounds published in Nature Communications. The Medicinal Chemistry tab highlights additions to the med. chem. toolbox. Under Catalysis for Bioactive Compounds we acknowledge advances in homogeneous catalysis that open the door to obtaining bioactive compounds in higher quantity, quality and/or purity. Tying in with that, the Total Synthesis section contains reports on the complete chemical synthesis of natural products, still one of the best sources of drugs and drug leads. Last but not least, the Drug Biosynthesis section showcases some of the most recent discoveries of how Nature synthesizes bioactive compounds and how biocatalytic machinery can be exploited for chemical synthesis.

This collection will be regularly updated with studies published in Nature Communications that advance the field of medicinal and synthetic chemistry.

Medicinal Chemistry

Catalysis for Bioactive Compounds

Total Synthesis

Drug Biosynthesis