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A year in review

To celebrate the first anniversary of our launch the editorial team have selected some of our favourite articles from 2017. These were tough choices to make so we’ve attempted to select articles from across our broad scope. We hope you enjoy reading them and are eager for more in 2018.


Reviews and Perspectives

DNA polymerases are responsible for DNA replication, repair and mutation. Although these processes occur through conserved mechanisms, this Review highlights how large differences in the fidelity of DNA replication arise from subtle structural differences between individual DNA polymerases. These differences enable polymerases to perform diverse functions that are important to nature as well as technology.

Review Article | | Nature Reviews Chemistry

Homogenous transition metal electrocatalysts are topical owing to their role in processing electrical energy and mediating the synthesis of chemical fuels. Mechanisms can be uncovered using electrochemical techniques and data analyses, along with complementary spectroscopic techniques. This Review presents case studies highlighting the utility of these methods in the context of electrocatalysis for chemical fuel production.

Review Article | | Nature Reviews Chemistry

Blue energy can be cleanly and renewably harvested from a salinity gradient. The large-scale viability of this non-intermittent source is restricted by certain challenges, including the inefficiency of present harvesting technologies. This Perspective describes how nanofluidics can afford membranes better able to convert chemical potentials to electrical potentials.

Perspective | | Nature Reviews Chemistry

The active template approach to interlocked molecules uses metal ions to both pre-organize reaction components and catalyse the final covalent bond formation that captures the interlocked structure. This Review looks at the history of the method, its application in the synthesis of ever more complex interlocked molecules and future directions.

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The counterfeiting of goods has economic implications and is a threat to health and security. One promising solution for product authentication is the incorporation of physical unclonable functions. This Review delineates how stochastic chemical processes can afford unique anti-counterfeiting tags that cannot be reproduced.

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The primary goal of a process chemist is to develop a commercially viable synthetic route to a known drug candidate. The approaches to a synthetic challenge are consequently very different to those used in medicinal chemistry. This Review uses case studies to highlight important considerations, and the tactics used during the design and selection of an efficient drug synthesis.

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