Stem cells from development to the clinic

Recent advances in our understanding of stem cell differentiation and fate determination have enabled us to use stem cells in vitro and in vivo in a variety of applications, such as disease modelling, drug screening and for transplantations. This Collection of primary research articles, reviews and protocols from across the Nature journals involves both basic and translational research.

Research articles presented here highlight important work on stem cell differentiation, pluripotency states, lineage specification, development, genetic & epigenetic changes and metabolic regulation. They further explore how this knowledge can be applied to develop stem cell technologies that allow more detailed study of the onset of neural, intestinal, liver, lung, cardiac, muscle and blood diseases, as well as cancer. We showcase papers on the use of stem cells in the clinic to treat a genetic skin disorder and macular degeneration. In addition, the collection includes a number of peer-reviewed protocols from Nature Protocols that focus on iPSC reprogramming and the generation of organoids. Opinion and Review articles discuss the advances in this field, ethical implications of the work, as well as challenges faced by the scientific community as researchers attempt to apply the knowledge gained from basic studies in the clinic. 

Disease modelling & Regeneration

Adult stem cells

Reprogramming & Pluripotency

Stem cells in development