Supramolecular Chemistry

Supramolecular chemistry specializes in non-covalent interactions. These weak and reversible forces are key to understanding biological processes and self-assembling systems, and to constructing complex materials and molecular machinery. Supramolecular chemistry has become a truly interdisciplinary research area, providing insights into and spurring developments across biology, chemistry, nanotechnology, materials science, and physics.

Four years ago we launched our collection on Supramolecular Chemistry and since then the field quickly developed further. We have updated this collection to highlight a selection of recent work published in Nature Communications. This collection is divided in four sections. The first two cover fundamental research, including synthesis and mechanistic insights, and building discrete assemblies. Section three showcases the potential of supramolecular chemistry in materials design, and the last section is dedicated to systems chemistry.

The figure displays an encapsulated fullerene.

Synthesis and Mechanistic insights

Discrete Assemblies

Materials Design

Systems Chemistry