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Antiferromagnetic spintronics

Antiferromagnetism is a form of magnetic structure in which the magnetic moments in a material align antiparallel to each other. Although historically this form of magnetism has been difficult to harness for practical applications, recent developments suggest this may soon be about to change, as this Focus on antiferromagnetic spintronics aims to show.


  • Nature Physics | Editorial

    The fledgling field of antiferromagnetic spintronics looks set to bring exotic forms of magnetism into the realm of practical applications.

Reviews & Commentary

  • Nature Physics | Comment

    New developments in spintronics based on antiferromagnetic materials show promise for improved fundamental understanding and applications in technology.

    • T. Jungwirth
    • , J. Sinova
    • , A. Manchon
    • , X. Marti
    • , J. Wunderlich
    •  &  C. Felser
  • Nature Physics | Perspective

    As part of a Focus on antiferromagnetic spintronics, this Perspective examines the opportunities afforded by synthetic, as opposed to crystalline, antiferromagnets.

    • R. A. Duine
    • , Kyung-Jin Lee
    • , Stuart S. P. Parkin
    •  &  M. D. Stiles
  • Nature Physics | Perspective

    As part of a Focus on antiferromagnetic spintronics, this Perspective looks at the complex and often faster dynamics of antiferromagnetic spin textures.

    • O. Gomonay
    • , V. Baltz
    • , A. Brataas
    •  &  Y. Tserkovnyak
  • Nature Physics | Review Article

    As part of a focus on antiferromagnetic spintronics, this Review considers the role of spin transport and spin torque in potential antiferromagnetic memory devices.

    • J. Železný
    • , P. Wadley
    • , K. Olejník
    • , A. Hoffmann
    •  &  H. Ohno
  • Nature Physics | Review Article

    An overview of how electromagnetic radiation can be used for probing and modification of the magnetic order in antiferromagnets, and possible future research directions.

    • P. Němec
    • , M. Fiebig
    • , T. Kampfrath
    •  &  A. V. Kimel
  • Nature Physics | Review Article

    Topological states of various kinds may find application in spintronic devices. The authors review recent progress in this area.

    • Libor Šmejkal
    • , Yuriy Mokrousov
    • , Binghai Yan
    •  &  Allan H. MacDonald