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Wednesday 28 March 2018
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Human biology by proxy Nature is proud to present the complete initial sequence and analysis of the mouse genome — the experimental key to the human genome. All content from
the mouse genome special issue is available free here, and a selection of classic mouse papers from Nature's archive is free
to registered users.

An interactive timeline charting the history of the mouse in genetics and genomics research


Human biology by proxy

Mining the mouse genome

The real deal

A forage in the junkyard

Piecing it all together

Comparative genomics: The mouse that roared

Single nucleotide polymorphisms: Tackling complexity

Functional genomics: A time and place for every gene

Nature Science Update

Hail the humble mouse

Will science and medicine accelerate now we have the genetic sequence of the lab mouse?
Nature Science Update investigates.


Initial sequencing and comparative analysis of the mouse genome
Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium

Analysis of the mouse transcriptome based on functional annotation of 60,770 full-length cDNAs
The FANTOM Consortium and the RIKEN Genome Exploration Research Group Phase I & II

The mosaic structure of variation in the laboratory mouse genome
Wade et al.

Numerous potentially functional but non-genic conserved sequences on human chromosome 21
Dermitzakis et al.

Human chromosome 21 gene expression atlas in the mouse
Reymond et al.

A gene expression map of human chromosome 21 orthologues in the mouse
The HSA21 Expression Map Initiative

A selection of classic papers on mouse genomics from Nature and Nature titles available FREE!

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