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Organic chemistry and chemical biology

This page provides an overview of the most interesting developments in the areas encompassing the fields of organic chemistry and chemical biology. This includes diverse topics, from organic synthesis, application of chemical methods for investigation of biological systems, development of functional organic materials and biomaterials to research on polymers and hydrogels.

Majda Bratovič

At its core, biological matter is pure chemistry, and the way chemical reactions are linked and intertwined to enable life is an endlessly fascinating branch of science. With a background in molecular biology, Majda handles papers in the areas of medicinal, protein and prebiotic chemistry and chemical biology.

Robert Guilliatt

Robert’s background is in biomaterials, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and nanotechnology. He is interested in multidisciplinary research which increases basic scientific understanding or addresses a clinical need. As an editor he handles multidisciplinary manuscripts at the interface of the physical and life sciences related to biomaterials, bionanotechnology, drug delivery and biochemical sensors.

Johannes Kreutzer (@j_kreutzer1)

Progression in our living standard brings along environmental concerns. Materials with tailored and specialized functions can minimize the impact of our living style on the environment and are the foundation for continuous improvement of our living standard. With a background in materials chemistry, Johannes handles manuscripts in the areas of advanced functional materials and chemical soft matter.

Jamal Malik

Jamal’s background is in organometallic catalysis. As an editor he handles papers across synthetic organic chemistry, which includes homogeneous catalysis, organocatalysis, carbohydrate chemistry, and total syntheses. He is particularly interested in work that advances our understanding of reactivity, or that addresses a challenge from a chemical or sustainability standpoint.

Prabhjot Saini (@PKSaini_PJ)

Lifestyle progression is underpinned by the development of materials. Improving properties, such as strength, elasticity, transparency, toxicity, durability and sustainability, is a constant goal. Polymers and hydrogels are just two of the several key materials used on a daily basis. With a polymer chemistry background, Prabhjot handles manuscripts discussing the fundamental science and application of such materials.

Joan Serrano-Plana (@JoanSP)

Joan’s background is in inorganic chemistry and catalysis. During his PhD he worked with bioinspired first-row metal complexes for O2 activation and hydrocarbon oxidation. As a postdoctoral fellow, he focused on developing iron-based artificial metalloenzymes for oxidative transformations. He handles manuscripts in the field of inorganic chemistry, including coordination complexes, organometallics, metal organic frameworks, and supramolecular chemistry.

Laura Zoppi (@LauraZoppi6)

Laura has a background at the boundary between computational chemistry and computational physics. As a researcher, her focus was on electronic, optical and charge transfer properties in organic semiconductors and hybrid interfaces. Her interests as an editor address key topics in modern simulation-based approaches, and she handles manuscripts in fundamental computational chemistry and machine learning areas for enhancing chemical discovery.


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