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Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Giovanni Bottari: organic chemistry.

Julia Eckhoff: chemical biology, medicinal and prebiotic chemistry.

Johannes Kreutzer: soft matter and organic functional materials. 

Prabhjot Saini: polymers and hydrogels.

Welcome to the Nature Communications Editors’ Highlights webpage on organic chemistry and chemical biology. Each month our editors select a small number of Articles recently published in Nature Communications that they believe are particularly interesting or important.

The aim is to provide a snapshot of some of the most exciting work published in the area of organic chemistry and chemical biology at Nature Communications.

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The depsipeptide Lysocin E has antibacterial activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Here, the authors developed a high-throughput one-bead-on-compound method for the synthesis and screening lysocin E derivatives, with several hits being more active than the parent compound.

Article | Open Access | | Nature Communications

Single-site labelling of proteins is desirable, e.g., for analytical purposes. Here, the authors developed a method in which they use an aldol-type reaction to modify proteins at N-terminal glycine residues in an efficient and selective manner, which is also applicable to cell lysates.

Article | Open Access | | Nature Communications

The reduction of 2-naphtoyl-CoA to 5,6 dihydro-2-naphtoyl-CoA by 2-naphtoyl-CoA reductase is below the negative redox limit usually encountered in biological hydride transfer. Here, via X-ray crystallography and spectroscopic analysis, the authors elucidated the mechanism behind this.

Article | Open Access | | Nature Communications

Membraneless compartments have been theorized to be prebiotic micro-compartments as they spontaneously encapsulate RNA and proteins. Here, the authors report membraneless compartments can enhance RNA chemistries, affecting template directed RNA polymerization and stimulating nucleic acid enzymes.

Article | Open Access | | Nature Communications