Nature Outlook 

The dark universe

It’s a sobering thought: all the matter that has ever been detected accounts for a mere 4.9% of the Universe. Most of the cosmos is the dark universe, a mix of dark matter and dark energy. Both have so far proved impenetrable puzzles, but physicists young and old are intent on changing that.

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Nobel laureates in their own words

From the tiniest known particles to the enormous Universe, Nobel laureates tell tales of physics to blow your mind. In this series of animations, Nobel prize-winning scientists talk about their work on light, time, matter, and the universe. Recorded at the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.

Big box, small box, light-filled box with Serge Haroche

Tick-tock cold cold clock with Bill Phillips

Ain’t no stopping them now with Art McDonald

No such animal with Dan Shechtman