Electrocatalysis for fuels

Efficient redox catalysis offers an important avenue in using renewable energy to process fuels. To this end, efforts in homogeneous, heterogeneous and biological catalysis can advance our fundamental understanding and technological capabilities. Many research milestones in these three disciplines of electrocatalysis have graced the pages of journals in the Nature family, including Nature, Nature MaterialsNature Reviews ChemistryNature Chemistry, Nature Energy, Nature Nanotechnology and Nature Communications. The Editorial team selected their favourite articles (most of which were published in 2016 and 2017) and we collate them for you here in this Collection, titled Electrocatalysis for fuels.

We have summarized the main scientifc themes of this Collection in our Editorial. The Comment, News and Views, Review and Research articles are organized in the Homogeneous catalysis, Heterogeneous catalysis and Biological catalysis tabs. Each Review and Research piece is accompanied by an In Brief article penned by a member of our Editorial team. This collection was initially published online in April 2018.


Homogeneous catalysis

Heterogeneous catalysis

Biological catalysis