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The concept of temperature pervades the laws of physics. This Focus highlights various aspects of thermometry, from the (re)definition of the kelvin to ways of measuring temperature — from pK to MK — documenting some compelling physics along the way.


  • Nature Physics | Editorial

    With a dedicated monthly column, Nature Physics draws attention to metrology. And a set of Commentaries in this issue focuses on various aspects of thermometry.


  • Nature Physics | Commentary

    The redefinition of several physical base units planned for 2018 requires precise knowledge of the values of certain fundamental physical constants. Scientists are working hard to meet the deadlines for realizing the ultimate International System of Units.

    • Joachim Fischer
    •  &  Joachim Ullrich
  • Nature Physics | Commentary

    The past 25 years have seen tremendous progress in thermometry across the moderate temperature range of 1 K to 1,235 K. Various primary thermometers, based on a wide range of different physics, have uncovered errors in the International Temperature Scale of 1990, and set the stage for the planned redefinition of the kelvin.

    • Michael R. Moldover
    • , Weston L. Tew
    •  &  Howard W. Yoon
  • Nature Physics | Commentary

    In the quest for ever-lower temperatures, making new discoveries and overcoming technical challenges go hand in hand — and push the limits of thermometry standardization.

    • Juha Tuoriniemi
  • Nature Physics | Commentary

    Sustaining and measuring high temperatures in fusion plasmas is a challenging task that requires different heating systems and diagnostic tools. Information on the spatial distribution of temperature is one of the key elements for improving and controlling plasma performance.

    • Didier Mazon
    • , Christel Fenzi
    •  &  Roland Sabot

Measure for Measure

  • Nature Physics | Measure for Measure

    Michael de Podesta discusses the current definition of the kelvin — and why it is worth changing one last time.

    • Michael de Podesta