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Energy transitions

Fossil fuels are on the way out, but slowly. Their exit has massive ramifications for many sectors and is causing ripples in both politics and society.

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  • Nature | Outlook

    On a global scale, reducing fossil-fuel dependence is more than just a technological challenge.

    • Michelle Grayson
  • Nature | Outlook

    From elbow grease to electricity, horsepower to hydropower, energy has played a crucial part in shaping society.

    • Stephanie Pain
  • Nature | Outlook

    Community power projects in Denmark and Germany have inspired politicians worldwide but have failed to translate to other countries. Sometimes the first step is to let people say no.

    • Craig Morris
    •  &  Arne Jungjohann
  • Nature | Outlook

    All energy production has environmental and societal effects. But calculating them — and pricing energy accordingly — is no easy task.

    • Erica Gies