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Friday 23 March 2018
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Bird flu
Bird flu outbreaks in Asia have prompted the cull of tens of thousands of ducks and chickens to curtail the disease's spread. As the human death toll continues to grow, many are concerned that the virus will mutate and trigger a human pandemic. Here, Nature keeps track of the key events and scientific discoveries as researchers assess the threat. UPDATED 25 AUGUST 2004.

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Chrolonlogy of escalating outbreak

Pigs test positive for bird flu (23 Aug 2004)

Bird flu kills three people in Vietnam (13 Aug 2004)

JUNE 2004
Avian flu grows more virulent (29 June 2004)

APRIL 2004
Canadian bird flu prompts mass cull (6 April 2004)

MARCH 2004
Race for pandemic flu vaccine rife with hurdles
Nature Medicine 10, 214 (1 March 2004)

US bird flu under microscope
Scientists suspect the strain is innocuous.
(10 Feb 2004)

Virologists call for vaccination in bid to beat bird flu epidemic (10 Feb 2004)

Bird flu sweeps through Asia
Fear of a human pandemic grows.
(5 Feb 2004)

Bird flu spreads to China

The World Health Organization warns that a safe cull of birds is needed. (28 Jan 2004)

Bird flu has claimed two more lives (27 Jan 2004)

Avian flu raises vaccine questions
Jab could take months to make, say experts. (23 Jan 2004)

Bird flu sparks worldwide bid to prevent human pandemic
Nature 427, 274 (22 Jan 2004)

Bird flu attacks in Hanoi
Spate of avian influenza has spread to people in Vietnam. (13 Jan 2004)

prior warnings

Profile: Robert Webster
Warning the world of a flu pandemic.
Nature Medicine 9, 1445 (Dec 2003)

Virology: Pigs duck out of the influenza mix
Nature 423, 702 (12 Jun 2003)

Human fatality adds fresh impetus to fight against bird flu
Nature 423, 5 (1 May 2003)

Spread of bird flu triggers Dutch Easter egg hunt
Nature 422, 552 (10 Apr 2003)

Looming flu pandemic has experts crying fowl
Nature Medicine 9, 375 (Apr 2003)

Vaccine sought as bird flu infects humans
Nature 422, 6 (06 Mar 2003)

Cows could foster flu pandemics
Cattle join farmyard of potential influenza carriers. (9 Jan 2002)

The flu HQ
Leading virologists plan to thwart emerging strains of influenza by creating a global laboratory to keep tabs on this ever-changing virus.
Nature 414, 10 - 11 (1 Nov 2001)

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