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Method of the Year 2017

We've chosen organoids as Method of the Year 2017, for their immense potential as tools to study human biology in health and disease. A News Feature gives a flavor of the exciting applications of these 3D constructs, and a Primer provides a short overview for newcomers to the field. Two expert Commentaries consider these tools from different angles: how cutting-edge imaging is synergizing with organoid culture to deepen our view into many biological systems, and how pluripotent stem cell-derived constructs can be used to model the human brain. As in the past, we've also chosen eight 'methods to watch' for the future.


A brief overview of stem cell-derived organoids: how they are made and what the challenges are.

Primer | | Nature Methods

New X-ray free-electron (XFEL) facilities will broaden access to this technology, facilitate methods development, and push boundaries in structural biology.

Method to Watch | | Nature Methods