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  • China's challenges

    By almost every measure, China's growth is extraordinary. But behind the astonishing statistics is a more complex reality.

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News Features

  • China: The great contender

    China's performance has been remarkable in any number of fields. Declan Butler charts the country's scientific and economic growth.

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  • Visions of China

    Can the Chinese government meet its ambitious targets on space, the environment, research, energy and health? David Cyranoski takes a look at China today and what it hopes to be tomorrow.

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  • Stoking the fire

    China burns more coal than any other country; how it chooses to do so in the future will determine our planet's climate. Jeff Tollefson reports from Beijing.

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  • The pole the world forgot

    Climate change is coming fast and furious to the Tibetan plateau. Jane Qiu reports on the changes atop the roof of the world.

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  • In their words

    Researchers and businesspeople in China, expatriates and 'returnees' give their views of what it will take to make China an innovation powerhouse.

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Books & Arts


  • The man who unveiled China

    An English biochemist single-handedly managed to change the West's perception of China, highlighting its past scientific glories. Simon Winchester investigates the ongoing legacy of Joseph Needham.

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  • The end of the science superpowers

    Could the end of US world dominance over research mark the passing of single scientific superpowers, ask J. Rogers Hollingsworth, Karl H. Müller and Ellen Jane Hollingsworth.

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