Bioelectronic interfaces

This collection of papers from Nature Research and Reviews journals displays recent developments in materials science, electronics and biology of bioelectronic devices developed to communicate with different human tissues and organs. By showcasing new devices and approaches for engineering bioelectronic interfaces, it demonstrates the progress in understanding and designing electronic device-human interactions, specifically in the context of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, skin and musculoskeletal system.

The collection is curated by the Bioengineering and Biomaterials editorial community and published simultaneously to the beginning of the Nature Conference on 2D Flexible Electronics.

Nature Conference on Flexible Electronics - Visions of a Flexible Future
October 12-14, 2018
Jin Jiang International Hotel, Xi'an, China
This Nature conference on the theme of flexible electronics will set its sights firmly on the future, by exploring how flexible electronics will impact society by helping to tackle challenges in areas such as health, energy, ubiquitous electronics and the "Internet of Things".

Gastrointestinal tract

Cardiovascular system

Skin and Musculoskeletal system

Nervous system