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Genome engineering

The ever-improving knowledge of the organization and composition of the genome and the epigenome, together with the expanding technological toolbox for the manipulation of DNA with increasing precision, are propelling the exploration of how genome-engineering approaches can be translated to tackle diseases that escape conventional therapies. [Editorial]

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In less than a decade, the genome-editing technology now recognized by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry has impacted the biological and biomedical sciences widely. What’s next for CRISPR in biomedicine?

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The simplicity and powerful capabilities of CRISPR have led to an explosion of genome-editing applications. Their continued development should be nurtured by scientific and legal environments that discourage and penalize irresponsible uses of the technology.

Editorial | | Nature Biomedical Engineering

Human cardiomyocytes and mice edited to harbour gene variants found in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy reveal combinatorial genetic interactions that contribute to the complex genetic heritability of the disease.

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