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DNA anniversary
James Watson and Francis Crick unveiled their model for the structure of DNA in the journal Nature fifty years ago this week. To celebrate, Nature news looks back at one of the key scientific achievements of the twentieth century, forward to DNA's future, and around at the double helix's place in biology.

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Oswald Avery Linus Pauling
Erwin Chargaff James Watson
Francis Crick Maurice Wilkins
Rosalind Franklin  

Top researchers draw their conceptions of DNA.
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Genetics for everyone Genetics for everyone
By the double helix's 75th birthday, your genome might be as familiar as your shoe size. Helen Pilcher peers into the future of genetic medicine.

  What the double helix can't tell you What the double helix
can't tell you

How can clones look completely different? Helen Pearson examines the biology beyond DNA.

  Physicists plunder life's tool chest Physicists plunder
life's tool chest

DNA is both bricks and blueprint — an engineer's dream. John Whitfield speaks to the scientists turning biology into technology.

  DNA's family tree DNA's family tree
Tom Clarke retraces the path that led Watson and Crick to the double helix, and others to put their discovery to use.

A selection of past Nature news news dealing with DNA. Also check the 'related stories' section of each article for pieces pertaining directly to that subject.
DNA: Beyond the double helix
Strands of life are like a sticky zip
DNA codes own error correction
Vice leaves little to chance
DNA look-alike fools enzyme
Augmenting the alphabet
Expanding the book of life
Back two bases
DNA downloads alone
Genes can't tell us everything
Origins of life
Human genome
Mouse genome
Malaria genome
Rice genome
First plant genome
DNA drama scoops prize
Max Perutz 1914-2002

The journal Nature's 50th anniversary coverage
Double helix: 50 years of DNA

Many other organizations are celebrating the double helix's golden anniversary.
Cambridge University
Writing DNA: the Wellcome Trust
National Human Genome Research Institute
Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory
Human Genome Project
The New York Times (free registration required)

Some sites giving an introduction to DNA, genetics and genomics
DNA from the beginning
Your genome
The DNA files
  This marvellous site tells the story of the race to the double helix, reproducing many original documents relating to the hunt.
Linus Pauling and the race for DNA

The Nobel e-museum's site commemorating Watson, Crick and Maurice Wilkins' 1962 award.

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