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Studies in horror and the Gothic

Editor: Dr John Edgar Browning (School of Literature, Media and Communication, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Scope: This collection concerns itself with the business of exhuming, from the dark recesses of human experience, any number of cultural products from any historical moment or geography that might prove useful in uncovering some of horror’s and the Gothic’s more fascinating junctures and deeper meanings. This includes reflections on literature, film, television, new media, and electronic gaming. In studying horror and the Gothic we are here interested in the dark, the forbidden, the secret. The individual papers in this collection aim to ask, and strive to address (or redress) on their own terms, what is horror and what is the Gothic. The collection is intentionally all-encapsulating with contributions employing individual or multiple methods of theoretical inquiry and myriad disciplinary or interdisciplinary approaches from across the humanities, social sciences, and beyond. 

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