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The world's population is ageing rapidly. The effects of this change in demographics are predicted to touch on many facets of human life. Not least, because the health of older people deteriorates with time. This Nature collection draws together recent articles on the process of ageing, and the connections that exist between growing older and disease.


Current Research

Eat your cake and have it

Laura Spinney

Nature 441, 807–809 (15 June 2006). doi:10.1038/441807a

The common biology of cancer and ageing

Toren Finkel, Manuel Serrano & Maria A. Blasco

Nature 448, 767–774 (16 August 2007). doi:10.1038/nature05985

Stem cells, ageing and the quest for immortality

Thomas A. Rando

Nature 441, 1080–1086 (29 June 2006). doi:10.1038/nature04958

Resveratrol improves health and survival of mice on a high-calorie diet

Joseph A. Baur et al.

Nature 444, 337–342 (16 November 2006). doi:10.1038/nature05354

A new progeroid syndrome reveals that genotoxic stress suppresses the somatotroph axis

Laura J. Niedernhofer et al.

Nature 444, 1038–1043 (21 December 2006). doi:10.1038/nature05456

eIF4E function in somatic cells modulates ageing in Caenorhabditis elegans

Popi Syntichaki, Kostoula Troulinaki & Nektarios Tavernarakis

Nature 445, 922–926 (22 February 2007). doi:10.1038/nature05603

Two neurons mediate diet-restriction-induced longevity in C. elegans

Nicholas A. Bishop & Leonard Guarente

Nature 447, 545–549 (31 May 2007). doi:10.1038/nature05904

PHA-4/Foxa mediates diet-restriction-induced longevity of C. elegans

Siler H. Panowski, Suzanne Wolff, Hugo Aguilaniu, Jenni Durieux & Andrew Dillin

Nature 447, 550–555 (31 May 2007). doi:10.1038/nature05837

DNA repair is limiting for haematopoietic stem cells during ageing

Anastasia Nijnik et al.

Nature 447, 686–690 (7 June 2007). doi:10.1038/nature05875


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