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From Brain to Behaviour

Fiona Carr: neurodegeneration and other forms of neurological disease.

Jamie Horder: cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging, psychiatric disorders and autism.

Sachin Ranade: systems and computational neuroscience.

Jerome Staal: neurodevelopment, plasticity and molecular neuroscience. 

Welcome to the Nature Communications Editors’ Highlights webpage, 'From Brain to Behaviour'. Each month our editors select a small number of Articles recently published in Nature Communications that they believe are particularly interesting or important.

The aim is to provide a snapshot of some of the most exciting neuroscience research published at Nature Communications.

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Fiona Carr (@fi_carr)

Fiona has a background in the neurobiology of pain and related behaviours using animal models. Her editorial interests are in the cellular and molecular basis of diseases of the nervous system, and she handles manuscripts covering neurodegeneration and other neurological disorders.

Jamie Horder

Jamie’s research examined the neural basis of autism and depression using neuroimaging methods such as fMRI and PET. Jamie handles manuscripts relating to cognitive neuroscience, psychiatric disorders, neuroimaging methodology, and neuropsychology.

Sachin Ranade

Sachin's research examined the behavioural correlates of specific cell types in the brain during perceptual decision making in rodents. He is interested in research that advances our understanding of mental processes using psychophysics, structural and functional interrogation of brain circuits, and computational methods in various model systems from worms to humans.

Jerome Staal (@NeuroTransmitOz)

Jerome’s background is in neuron-glia interactions, and the molecular pathways underlying neurodegenerative disorders and brain plasticity. Jerome handles manuscripts related to neurodevelopment, plasticity and molecular neuroscience.