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Focus on Cardiology

Genomic advances are revolutionizing our understanding of cardiology. Genomic analysis can now shed light on vast numbers of previously enigmatic conditions and advanced sequencing techniques are increasingly used in the cardiology clinic. Indeed, genetic and genomic testing play an increasing role in the evaluation and management of cardiology patients. Yet, the implementation of such testing can be confusing for practitioners who are trained in other specialties. Genetics in Medicine is a valuable resource for those seeking to use these new tools in the clinic.

Genetics in Medicine (GIM), the official journal of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, is at the forefront of the application of new genomic knowledge and technology to patient care. Over the past year, GIM has published numerous articles of interest to clinicians working in cardiology. The editors have compiled the most pertinent articles to highlight a few that will be most useful for busy practitioners in the field of cardiology. GIM offers tremendous utility as cardiologists seek to navigate the increasingly vital – but sometimes confusing – world of genomics in order to improve the care of their patients.