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Welcome to Nature Mentoring, an online resource offering advice and support to scientist mentors and their mentees. This collection is a mix of relevant articles from Nature Careers, profiles of Nature's annual Mentoring in Science award winners, and relevant blog posts from Naturejobs' global community of  scientists working across academic, industry, and other sectors.

Mentoring content from Nature journals

I was lucky to have a PhD supervisor whose mentorship transformed my academic experience, says Emma Kathryn White.

Career Column | | Nature

Having a good mentor early in your career can mean the difference between success and failure in any field. Adrian Lee, Carina Dennis and Philip Campbell look at what makes a good mentor.

Feature | | Nature

The three Nordic winners of this year's Nature mentoring awards respond exceptionally to scientific and personal challenges, says Philip Campbell.

Column | | Nature Jobs

Five scientists nominated by their peers have created nurturing research environments and fostered fields and careers far beyond their labs. Carina Dennis and Janet Wright give credit where it's long overdue.

Special Report | | Nature

We all know a special person who has inspired us. Paul Smaglik learns from the winners of the first UK award for excellent mentoring in science.

Special Report | | Nature

Is your adviser not the role model or mentor of your dreams? Then take charge of the situation and find the right people. Kendall Powell plays matchmaker. More than one mentor may be necessary for postdocs and graduate students.

Postdocs and Students | | Nature

Having a good mentor can determine the direction and probability of success for a young researcher. But mentoring takes skill, and institutions are paying attention to their training, says Virginia Gewin.

Postdocs and Students | | Nature

Principal investigators can show their postdocs how to make the most of their job search — and that can help both parties.

Feature | | Nature Jobs

Mutual respect, guidance and support are key to a fruitful relationship with trainees, says W. Larry Kenney.

Column | | Nature Jobs

Mentors are essential for the training of PhDs and fellows, but many have lost sight of positive leadership and are just mean.

Careers and Recruitment | | Nature Biotechnology

Graduate students bear as much responsibility as their mentors for ensuring that they are well guided through their degrees, say Hugh Kearns and Maria Gardiner.

Column | | Nature Jobs

A workshop organized by the Society for Leukocyte Biology offers advice to graduate students on how to navigate educational and professional waters to find success in academia.

Commentary | | Nature Immunology