International Year of Light 2015

The United Nations have proclaimed the year 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. In this web collection, the Nature journals jointly celebrate this occasion by presenting a selection of content related to light and light-based technologies.

Recent Letters and Articles can be found under Research; Reviews, News features and Commentaries under Comments and Reviews. These publications are selected by the editors of Nature Journals and this collection will be regularly updated throughout the year. The Nature journals have also been publishing relevant special content, including the supplements Nature Milestones: Photons and Nature Milestones: Light Microscopy.

With this web collection, the Nature journals hope to contribute to the promotion of public and political understanding of the benefits of photonics in the modern world.

Light Fantastic: A Nature Special of news and comment articles explores how scientists today are pushing the properties of light to new extremes.

A collection comprising the Special issue plus 13 classic research papers that established the nature of light over the past century, from the discovery of X-rays to rapid laser pulses, along with news and comments articles is available from the Nature Shop.

Comments and Reviews