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Food security

Adequate access to food is a universal right, but eliminating all forms of malnutrition in a growing world is no small task. In the coming decades significant improvements in how we produce, distribute and consume food will be required. This Outlook discusses how tinkering with photosynthesis could make food crops more efficient, the nutritional, environmental and taste credentials of sustainable alternatives to meat, and whether they can tempt us away from beef, and the robotic and sensing technologies that will drive the next big revolution in agriculture.

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  • Nature | Outlook

    Malnutrition is a global problem. With population and consumption set to rise over the coming decades, achieving food security will require action on many fronts.

    • Julie Gould
  • Nature | Outlook

    Plant scientists are redesigning photosynthesis to improve crop yields and feed a growing population.

    • Katherine Bourzac
  • Nature | Outlook

    Fertile land is at a premium in Egypt. Reclaiming the desert is repeatedly proposed as the solution, but should the country be doing more with what it already has?

    • Louise Sarant
  • Nature | Outlook

    Malnutrition is the new normal. Addressing it will require changes across the entire food system, says John Ingram.

    • John Ingram