Corona discourse(s) remaking the world: experts, politics, media and everyday life

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This Collection deals with the constructions and apparatuses of the Covid 19 pandemic in various discursive (and epistemological) fields that directly influence and reconfigure societies around the world. We are interested in approaches to Covid-19 discourses, working across disciplinary boundaries and invite papers that reflect on discursive resources, practices and strategies that become constitutive of personal, public and/or institutional knowledge about Covid-19 pandemic and the very apparatuses of its political and social reconfiguration. 

We envisage papers based on, but by no means restricted to the following questions:

  • Media: How do different discourses in the media (from traditional to new and social media) construct meaning on and around Covid19?
  • Expertise: How is Covid19 “diagnosed”, “advised” and “problematised” by experts, specialists and scientists from different disciplines?
  • Politics: How political parties, leaders and other representatives use the Covid19 situation for positioning games?
  • Everyday life: How does Covid19 change everyday life in health care, academia, education, the family, the business world and other social worlds?  


This Collection is no longer open for new submissions. 

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