Down to Business: Real-Life Clean Water Applications

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We are greatly excited and inspired by the very first Down to Business article just published at Nature Water, which aims at discussing the hurdles of translating research findings into business ventures, highlighting successes but also drawing attention to the challenges.

How to bridge the gap between fundamental science and real-life applications always lies at the core of our journal npj Clean Water. To echo this initiative, we are now launching this Collection to provide a dialogue platform for addressing three general points as follows:

  • To acknowledge solving problems with existing technologies
  • To appreciate an account of the costs associated with the newly introduced technology
  • To establish a connection between academia and industry

We in particular welcome Comments and Perspectives to advance our understanding of how to transform water-related studies into something concretely useful within the realm of our Aims & Scope. This certainly includes businesses, but also not-for-profit organizations, hence charities, think-tanks, as well as local, national, and international organizations.

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A scientist in protective gloves holds up a clear cylinder containing a water sample for evaluation in an industrial water treatment facility.


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