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Physical oceanography

The oceans are an integral part of our planet’s climate system. Understanding the physical processes at work in the sea is crucial therefore to making accurate predictions about the effects of climate change.

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As the seas rise, our understanding of the processes within them must deepen.

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To predict how much climate change will raise sea level, researchers are studying ice shelves — where vast expanses of ice meet the ocean.

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A discussion of active learning with Nobel laureate Carl Wieman

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The exploration of ocean worlds in the outer Solar System offers the opportunity to search for an independent origin of life, and also to advance our capabilities for exploring and understanding life in Earth’s oceans.

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Biological communities beneath Antarctic ice shelves remain a mystery, hampering assessment of ecosystem development after ice-shelf collapse. Here we highlight major gaps in understanding of the patterns and processes in these areas, and suggest effective ways to study the ecological impacts of ice-shelf loss under climate change.

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