Behavioural change and health

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The Editors at Communications Psychology, Communications Medicine, Nature Communications, and Scientific Reports invite submissions investigating behavioural change in the context of health.

The question of how individuals may bridge the intention-action gap, from desiring a healthier lifestyle to achieving better health outcomes, is of significant practical concern. Beyond the individual level, we are interested in research that addresses how messaging, structural barriers, and choice architecture can benefit population health or act to its detriment.

This curated Collection will bring together research from a range of disciplines, including psychology, epidemiology, behavioural economics, and public health that addresses the question through field-specific methods, including experimental and observational studies. The aim of the Collection is to span from the individual to societal level to bring together insights of theoretical or practical relevance to create synergies from different approaches.

Each participating journal will apply its standard editorial criteria, including for scope and advance, to the submissions received within the Collection. Authors can choose which journal to submit to based on their own preference. The targeted journal will evaluate the submission for suitability for peer-review at the journal and, where submissions are out of scope but likely suitable for another participating journal, express a recommendation to the authors.

This Collection supports and amplifies research related to SDG 3.

To submit, see the participating journals
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