The FANTOM5 Project

FANTOM (Functional ANnoTation Of the Mammalian genome) is an international research consortium led by RIKEN focused on functional annotation of mammalian genomes and characterization of transcriptional regulatory networks. In FANTOM5 the consortium, consisting of over 500 international members from 20 countries, has generated maps of human regulatory elements and transcriptional regulatory network models. To achieve this they use CAGE (Cap Analysis of Gene Expression) sequencing on RNA samples from every major human organ, multiple primary cell types, over 200 cancer cell lines, 30 time courses of cellular differentiation, and mouse developmental time courses.

This collection brings together research articles, analyses, resource papers and letters from FANTOM5, as well as descriptions of the data generated by the project, all of which have been published by Nature Research.

FANTOM5 organizers published a Comment announcing the launch of this collection and have been interviewed on their contributions to FANTOM5.

Data Descriptors

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