Nature Research Awards
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Meet the 2018 Shortlist

inspiring science award

  • Cara Battersby

    Astrophysicist Cara Battersby advises young women starting out in science to not feel limited by who they think a scientist should be: “Be exactly who you are, because who you are, can be a scientist.”
  • María Natalia Lisa

    Structural Biologist María Natalia Lisa advises women pursuing a career in science to stay true to themselves, to follow the beauty and to fight for their rights.
  • Mirjana Pović

    Astrophysicist Mirjana Pović wants to inspire young girls to do science, especially in Ethiopia and Africa where few women pursue a science career.
  • Ritu Raman

    Mechanical Engineer Ritu Raman points out that we need the diverse perspectives and talents of every human – men and women – to tackle today’s challenges.
  • Corinna S. Schindler

    Organic Chemist Corinna S. Schindler explains that what got her interested in chemistry is the realisation that designing and understanding how drugs work can better people’s lives.
    Nature Research Awards for Inspiring Science

innovating science award

  • Association of Hungarian
    Women in Science (NaTE)

    Fanni Szigeti Fanni Szigeti, who represents the Association of Hungarian Women in Science, advises that young women should look to scientists for inspiration.
  • Letters to a Pre-Scientist

    Aliyah Weinstein Aliyah Weinstein, who is involved in the Letters to a Pre-Scientist initiative, sees STEM outreach as an opportunity to give back to the scientific community by mentoring the next generation of scientists.
  • LITAS (Learning IT,
    Apps and Software) for Girls

    Anvita Gupta Anvita Gupta explains how the LITAS for Girls programmes have a unique project-based learning approach that teaches girls STEM by having them solve real-world problems.
  • Seeds of Change
    Foundation Zambia

    Mambepa Nakazwe Mambepa Nakazwe, co-founder of the Seeds of Change Foundation Zambia, wants to change the mentality and attitudes of communities towards girls’ education.
  • The African Research
    Academies for Women

    Yvonne Commodore-Mensah Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, representing The African Research Academies for Women, encourages those interested in STEM outreach to just start, because you have what it takes.
    Nature Research Awards for Innovating Science
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