Populating Nature Cities

In anticipation of our formal January 2024 launch, Nature Cities’ editors have curated an online Pre-launch Collection to illustrate a portion of our intended scope.

Nature Cities will publish leading research and opinion broadly related to cities and urban issues. Such issues span domains of knowledge and methods–natural and social sciences, engineering, the humanities– and range from local, place-based concerns to issues affecting cities globally.

This collection is illustrative rather than exhaustive, and given articles might fit under more than one heading. While we endeavored to find papers that cover much of the diversity we hope to feature–topical, disciplinary, methodological, geographical, authorial– this collection reflects a subset of what has been published in the SpringerNature portfolio rather than what can be published by Nature Cities. We hope the inclusions and omissions inspire you to add your view and your voice.

People sit and walk in the Seven Dials, a road junction near Covent Garden, in London, so named because seven streets converge at this circular roundabout. It is dusk, and the neighborhood has a festive air and flags and lights for Pride.


Social, cultural, economic, and health processes

Urban planning, history, policy, and governance

Urbanization, infrastructure, and mobility

Climate, sustainability, and environmental issues