Nanotechnology for Global Health

When discussing the role that nanotechnology might play in global health, the benefits that nano-enabled strategies could afford in terms of improving the outcomes of infectious diseases and curbing their spread include the possibility of producing integrated point-of-care devices for fast and simple diagnosis and monitoring; the development of efficient, possibly self-administered, drug releasing platforms that do not require multiple administration; the engineering of vaccines with controlled properties that could boost the immune response against pathogens that have so far escaped traditional immunisation strategies. However, to achieve a tangible impact, it is crucial to consider from the very early stages of research, geographical and socio-economic aspects that are intimately linked to the local context where nanotechnologies are to be applied and ideally to empower local communities to harness and develop (nano)technology-based approaches that suit their needs.

Nanoparticles, viruses, and a globe closely packed together.